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Delta Air Lines is an American airlines company. It offers various benefits to those customers who use the services of Delta Air Lines frequently. An example of such benefits is the Companion Tickets offered through Delta American Express Companion Ticket. 

What is a Companion Ticket?

A companion ticket or companion pass is often offered by various airlines. The purpose of such benefits is to attract more customers. The benefits arising from companion tickets can range from unlimited free tickets to small amounts of discounts on purchasing the second ticket. 

The customer must read the fine print, that is, the terms and conditions carefully to acquaint oneself with the policies and rules and regulations related to the benefit. These policies give the customer appropriate information about the procedure of redeeming the benefits and the cost that it will incur.

Companion Ticket offered by Delta Air Lines 

Delta Air Lines has a variety of cards in association with American Express that offer many benefits to the owner of the cards. These are Blue Delta American Express Card, Gold Delta American Express Card, Platinum Delta American Express Card and Reserve Delta American Express Card. 

These cards offer some basic benefits that have been listed below:

  • They cover the expenses of the ticket except for its tax and government fees.
  • It is available for all classes as per the regulations assigned to each of them.
  • It can help the customer earn miles at a much faster rate. This is done due to the bonuses and everyday purchases that the customer of Delta Air Lines will receive and avail respectively. 

While all of them have many offers assigned to them, the Blue Delta American Express Card and the Gold Delta American Express Card do not have the authority to offer any companion tickets. 

However the other two listed cards, which is a Platinum Card and the Reserve Card have the option of offering the customer with Companion Ticket. These are called delta platinum companion tickets and delta Amex companion tickets.

Delta American Express Companion Ticket 

Delta Air Lines in association with American Express offers the benefits of Companion Tickets to the customers. There are two types of cards that can offer Companion Tickets. 

The Companion Certificate, as it is called by the Delta Air Lines company, is offered each time the two cards are renewed. This means that every year when a customer renews his or her Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card membership or the Delta Reserve Credit Card membership, the customer will receive a Companion Certificate which he or she can use. The utility of the Delta Amex Companion Ticket is that the customer can bring a companion along with him or her for a free round trip on certain eligible domestic flights. 

It must be noted that the companion ticket is different from the companion certificate.  The companion certificate is issued to the owner of the Delta Platinum Card when he or she reissues his or her Card each year. The customer will have a period of one month to do so. 

On the other hand, the Companion Ticket, such as the Delta American Express Companion Ticket, is issued when the companion certificate is used to buy a ticket for a domestic round trip.

The companion certificate might be transferable as per the terms and conditions of the company providing it, but the Companion Ticket cannot be transferred or changed or returned once issued in most cases.

Delta Platinum Companion Ticket 

The companion ticket that is offered by Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card has the following benefits:

  • The customer will receive a domestic Main Cabin Companion Certificate each year when he or she renews the card. 
  • The card is renewed by the annual fees of $195.
  • The customer will be exempted from paying any expense of the round trip ticket except for the tax and the government fees which will be no more than $75.

Therefore, along with the 20,000 miles and 20,000 MQMs that Platinum Card offers, it also offers the delta platinum companion ticket.

The customer must keep the following policies in mind while choosing to buy the Platinum Card and availing its benefits:

  • The companion ticket will only be able to assist the customer in flying with his or her companion when the flights are of Delta, Delta Connection Carrier or Delta Shuttle Flights. 
  • The Amex Delta Platinum Companion Ticket is available only for one round trip in Main Cabin within 48 states of the United States of America. 
  • Those people who are from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or United States Virgin Islands, must have a SkyMiles account in their state and must be traveling to any of the 48 states in the US.
  • The renewal of the companion ticket is done only through the
  • While renewing the customer will have to pay $75 for taxes and government fees. 
  • The companion certificate cannot be used along with any other offer or discount. 
  • The customer and his companion must have booked the flight at the same time, in the same class of service and in the same record in order to utilize the Delta Platinum Companion Ticket.
  • The classes that offer companion certificate are L, U, T, X, V. 
  • The ticket must have been bought 14 days prior to the round trip. 
  • The round trip must be of a minimum of 3 days and maximum 30 days.
  • The Amex Delta Platinum Companion Ticket cannot be transferred to anyone else. Once it has been issued it cannot be transferred. Only the Companion Certificate can be transferred, that is before it has been issued.  
  • Both the primary and the Companion ticket must be bought with Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express. 
  • April 6th, 2017 onwards any customer who is also a medallion member will be eligible for complimentary upgrades to First Class and Delta Comforts according to his or her higher-tiered members.
  • The Delta American Express Companion Ticket can be upgraded to global or regional up-gradation. However, mileage up-gradation does not apply to such tickets.  
  • Companion Certificate can only be used when the customer is purchasing a new ticket. Any previously bought and owned ticket will not be applicable for Companion Certificate benefits. 
  • Once the Delta Amex Companion Ticket has been bought by the customer and issued by the Delta Air Lines, it has been issued for good. After this, it cannot be returned or replaced. Therefore, it is important for the customers to buy the ticket when he or she is one hundred percent certain about the trip. 
  • In case of any confusion or any other issues that may arise, the Delta Air Lines has the full authority to ask for the return or submission of the Delta American Express Companion Ticket. Hence, it is proved that the companion ticket is the property of the Delta Air Lines only. 
  • The fares, fees, schedules, offers and rules related to the Amex Delta Platinum Companion Ticket can be changed under the authorization of a corporate officer of Delta Air Lines Inc. 
  • The companion ticket does not have the benefit of stopovers, circle trips or open jaws.
  • The Blackout Dates of Companion Ticket that can be offered by the Delta Air Lines will be according to the primary ticket that has been bought by the customer. 
  • The baggage checking for the first bag will be free while the second one will be for $35. However, they are influenced by the size and weight of baggage as well.
  • If either of the Primary ticket or Companion ticket is canceled, both tickets will be canceled and there will be no reissue of the Amex Delta Platinum Companion Ticket. However, the value of primary ticket after deducting $200 of administrative charges plus any other charge, will be adjusted with future flight tickets. 
  • If the flight is canceled then the Companion ticket can be used for next Delta Air Lines flight only.
  • The entire round trip must begin and end within the day the Companion Certificate is issued and the day it expires. 

How to access the Delta Platinum Companion Ticket?

Log in to the Delta website. Then the customer will have to go to “My Delta” and click on “My Wallet”. In the “Credits and Certificates” section, the Amex Delta Platinum Companion Ticket will be provided once the card has been renewed. 

How can the customer redeem the Delta Amex Companion Ticket?

Once the customer has selected the Companion Certificate from “My Wallet” he or she can choose the next eligible flight and book the trip. 

If the certificate has been received via letter or email, it will activate only after the 8-character certificate code has been provided to the Delta website. 
In case of any confusion regarding the Delta Platinum Companion Ticket, the customer can call Delta airlines customer service to clear the doubt and avail the maximum benefit from such certificates.

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