Delta Airlines Reviews

Delta Airlines, commonly known as Delta, is an American airline, founded in 1924 is now perhaps one of the leaders in the global airline industry. With a fleet size of 885 aircraft, Delta flies to 325 destinations all over the world. As of 2018, Delta Airlines employs more than 86,000 employees, which provides excellent customer service.

Delta Airlines has set up its seating arrangement into six of the cabin options, according to the ticket pricing and services available with each cabin option. The airlines try to ensure that all the passengers can be comfortable and avail the services of international flight 2017 as per their budget and requirement. Following are the six cabin sitting arrangements which the company offers to all its clients.

  • Basic Economy: Basic economy class has the least amount of services compared to other classes, such as there is no ticket cancellation policy, no privilege of selecting their own seat in the basic economy class. The price of the ticket is lower than in other classes as well.
  • Premium Economy: the premium economy seat class is available in international flights in A350 and some of the 777 flights. The seats in Premium economy are a little better than the basic economy class seats, with better flexibility, more leg room, wider seat. Etc.
  • Main Cabin: The seats in the main cabin might not be as high standard as Premium economy, but it is better than those of Basic Economy class seats. By paying a small amount, you can also choose preferred seats in the main cabin.
  • Delta Comfort:  Delta comfort cabin seat offers leg space, overhead bins, and premium entertainment with a complimentary beverage. The seats in this class also can be reclined further than that of in the Main Cabin.
  • First Class: Delta offers cabin seats in domestic first class with special services from professional flight attendants. Wider seats, complimentary food and drinks, free full meal services, and faster Wi-Fi connections are available for passengers flying in domestic first class.
  • Delta One: In Delta one cabin suite, passengers get to travel in the most comfortable business class a330 seat in luxury, comfort, and the seats that can be fully extended into a bed position. With in-flight attendants who are always ready to tend to the passengers need, complimentary meals and drinks from the best of its kind.

No matter which review website you visit, Delta airlines reviews and ratings are always favorable. Delta Airlines make sure that the passengers traveling with them are always comfortable and receive only the best treatment when the services of the airlines is availed.