Delta Airlines Lost and Found

If you’re experiencing a problem with delayed, damaged, or lost baggage, Delta Airlines would always be there to make it right for you. Whether you’re waiting for delayed luggage or claims for lost or damaged bags, be sure to have Delta Airlines reference numbers to get better assistance and compensation. Let’s start with Delta Airlines lost and found claim form, and how it can help you get the right claim for your missing articles – 

Delta Airlines Lost and Found Claim Form

Delta Airlines Lost and Found

To submit a claim for the mishandling of your baggage, submit a Delta Airlines lost baggage reimbursement form. You would be allocated a File Reference Number from the Baggage Service Center at the airport, along with all the supporting documentation to process your claim.

Report Delta Airlines Lost Baggage or Delayed Baggage

If your luggage is delayed, all you need to do is notify one of Delta Airlines’ representatives at the airport. You will receive a  File Reference Number from the Baggage Service Center at the airport which will be needed to initiate your claims or inquire about the lost, delayed, or missing articles. In addition, you may get eligible for Delta Airlines baggage fee rebate if your first and/or second bag is delayed for more than 12 hours from your original arrival schedule.

Get Delta Airlines Lost and Found Delayed Bag Rebate Fee

For those travelers who paid Delta Airlines checked baggage fee, and are flying on Delta operated flights, passengers would be eligible for delayed baggage rebate in the form of an e-travel voucher for the same amount as baggage fee within the first 12 hours from the reported delay. To be eligible for Delta Airlines lost and found delayed baggage rebate – 

  • Passengers must have paid Delta Airlines checked baggage fee
  • E-travel voucher will be issued per paid delayed baggage
  • Delta Airlines delayed baggage rebate will be sent to you via email only and must be redeemed for future travel only.
  • Passengers need to complete the Delta Airlines lost and found delayed baggage form to request the rebate.

Report Delta Airlines Lost Luggage Unchecked Items

If you lost unchecked items that you carried on board, or at the Delta checkpoint, or at the Delta Business lounge, Delta Airlines lost and found team will make every effort to return them to you as quickly as possible.  Passengers can report all the lost unchecked items using the Delta Airlines lost and found item form. 

Add to that, Delta Airlines is not responsible for cash, camera, and other IT equipment, electronic equipment, fragile articles, jewelry, lifesaving medication, and irreplaceable commercial documents contained in checked baggage.

Report Missing Items with Lost and Found Customer Service Desk

If you have realized that there are missing items from your checked bag, please report the issue to the Delta Airlines representative at the airport or call Delta Airlines lost items phone number at 800-325-8224. Items missing from the checked baggage must be reported within 24 hours for domestic travel and 7 days for international travel. In addition, 

  • Delta Airlines baggage compliance team will generate a File Reference Number as passengers need to complete the claim form on the link mentioned above.
  • If the File Reference Number was not given to you, please contact Delta Airlines complaints stolen lost items

Report Damaged Baggage With Lost and Found Team

If you realize that your checked baggage is damaged during travel, bring it to the Delta Airlines baggage claim desk immediately after arrival. 

All the damages by the Delta Airlines lost baggage team must be evaluated in person at the airport office.

Passengers need to report their claims within 24 hours for domestic travel and 7 days for international travel. 

  • Normal Wear & Tear – Delta Airlines lost and found service does not offer any rebate on the pre existing damage, including minor dents, cuts, broken wheels, or zippers as a result of overpacking or wear and tear from ordinary handling of the checked baggage articles. 
  •  Random Search Damage – If the Airport’s security or TSA has made a random search of your checked baggage, you will get a written notification or a seal outside your luggage, informing you of such. If your baggage is damaged due to that, immediately contact Delta Airlines lost and found phone number at 800-325-8224

Submit Expense Reimbursement with Delta Lost and Found Baggage Desk

If you lost your bag or get a delay on your checked item, and you have to make a purchase because you did not receive your bag, passengers are entitled to claim the expenses due to the delay or the baggage lost. Here are all the details your need to know about the expenses incurred under any baggage missing, delay or baggage circumstances – 

  • Reasonable reimbursement of 50 USD per day for the next five days that the bag is delayed.
  •  Any reimbursement provided under Delta Airlines lost and found circumstances would be deducted from the final claim settlement if the baggage is not located.
  • Passengers need to submit the Delta Airlines lost luggage form to get eligible for the reimbursement if the bag is not located.
  • Passengers must have their receipts for all the reasonable expense reimbursements incurred due to the delay or the loss of their checked bag.

How to submit a Delta Lost and Found Claim?

If your baggage is still missing or gets damaged, you must submit a Delta Lost and Found baggage claim. 

Secondly, once you have entered your first name, last name and the Delta Airlines lost luggage tracking number, choose the ‘Out of Pocket Expense’ option on the form.  

Thirdly, the ‘Out of Pocket Expense’ form is only for the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the passenger while the baggage is delayed.

Fourthly, upload all your receipts at the time of consideration of the reimbursement claim by filling the Delta Lost and Found form.

Declaring Baggage Value under Lost and Found Baggage Value

Liability for baggage issues are limited. Here are all the details that any passengers need to know – 

Type of LiabilityDelta Lost And Found Liability Limit
Travel within the United States3800 USD per ticketed passenger
Travel Outside United States except for Canada9 USD for each pound on the lost checked bag or up to 640 USD per baggage
Travel Within Canada1288 CAD per ticketed passenger

Here are all the liability restrictions and exceptions under Delta Airlines lost and found circumstances:

  • Maximum liability under Delta Airlines lost baggage claim is not automatic – damage or lost value must be assessed 
  • Under Delta Airlines complaints about stolen or lost items, no liability applies to wheelchairs or all other assistive devices.
  • Delta Airlines is not liable for restricted packed items.
  • Delta Airlines is not responsible for any damage, lost, or stolen checked bag from a random security search conducted by a local, state, or federal agency. 

Delta Airlines is not responsible for checked or unchecked baggage in excess of the limits as mentioned above unless you decide to claim excess valuation on your belongings. Here are the details, if passengers decide to file Delta lost articles report in order to declare a higher valuation – 

  • The decided value may not exceed 5000 USD
  • Under Delta Airlines lost item claim policy, the missing item must be properly described, properly packaged, and undamaged.
  • In case a passenger pays an excess value fee at the time of check-in

Delta Airlines Lost and Found – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have not received any response from Delta lost and found team. What’s going on?

In such a case, please check your spam folder and also verify the email address that you have entered in your Delta Airlines lost item form to ensure you entered the correct email address.

How will Delta Airlines keep me updated on the status of the search for my lost item?

You will receive an email from Delta Airlines lost luggage tracking team when you file a complaint about your missing item. If the airlines found an item that matches the description of your lost item, you will receive further updates on your email address from the team. You can also track status over the phone by calling Delta Airlines lost baggage customer service number at 800-325-8224.

What can I do to help increase the chances of finding my item?

All you need to do is provide an accurate and detailed description of your lost item in the Delta Airlines lost baggage tracker form and be sure to include any and all identifiable details to help in our search.

What if I checked several pieces of baggage and only one is delayed?

If any of your baggage is delayed, you are entitled to get an e-travel voucher that will be issued per paid delayed baggage on the departing or return flight. This offer is valid only on Delta-operated flights.

How long will you search for my lost item?

Delta Airlines’ customer service lost and found team will do a thorough search for approximately 14 days after receiving the complaint. In case an airline is unable to track your missing item, you will get an email notification informing you that the missing item is still not found.

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 7 reviews
 by Sajana Sigdel

lost my designer shoes from my checked bags. I called on lost and found number and same person hang up on me twice. In a third time, different person picked up and hang up the phone saying "wrong number".
Another number listed in the website did not even work.
Highly disappointed in service.

 by June Horton Twine
Lost Prescription Eyeglasses

Good afternoon,
I traveled from ATL to DAL, Flight DL2229, on Fri, Feb 4, 2022. Departure was originally scheduled 8:36am for arrival 9:56am. There were many delays and arrival was around 1:45pm at Gate 15. I dropped my Black progressive prescription designer (Dolce Gabbana) eyeglasses. It has gold DG letters located on each side arm near the lens. They were dropped either on the plane or in the Gate 15 area. I also went to the Ladies room immediately to the right outside the gate area. Please assist.

 by Michael Alves

Worst customer service I've ever experienced! The same person hung up on me twice before I could even finish my sentence. Never flying delta again.

 by Derek Lee
Lost bible on plane

Hello. I lost my bible on a plane flying on this flight:
Delta flight 2196
Columbus CMH 7:03pm (local time) - Minneapolis MSP 7:59pm (local time)

Confirmation number: GBQ***

The bible is black, King James version and old (1950's).

It was my grandmother's and very important to me. If there is a way I could get it back, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for all your help. Please contact me anytime:

Derek - (937) 407-****.


 by Kris Olsson
wrong numbers

neither of the numbers on this web site are accurate. I need the number to call for status of lost luggage.

 by Zeebra DAngelo
Wrong Number and hung up

Called the phone number listed for Lost and Found. Max answered I asked my question regarding Lost and Found. Was told "You called the wrong number and want you need to speak with Lost and Found but I dont have the number" ... then hung up on me. Not the best when all I need is to find out if I left my wallet on the flight.

 by karen kubly-zelman
lost purse

My mom (87), a passenger on 12/28/21 flight 738 from San Diego, with me. She left her purse on the wheelchair when we pushed her outside. She said it was on the handle where you push it.