Delta Airlines International & Domestic Baggage Weight Limit

Delta airlines are considered to be one of the most famous airlines all over the world. This airline was founded in the year 1924 and is considered to be a standard setter in the global airline industry. The headquarters are located in Atlanta. Delta airlines provide a wide range of services and consist up to 5,400 flights daily covering up all the major and famous destinations both for business and tourism. It is one of the most preferred airline companies with operations in 70 countries across the world and serving more than 160 million customers every year. Delta airlines is a trusted airline company preferred by millions of people all over the world. 

delta baggage weight
Delta baggage weight limit

Delta Airlines is known to offer the best flight deals all over the world. It is an American Airlines Company functioning all over the world and consists of nine hubs. Delta Airlines is considered to be the second-largest American Airlines company in the world in terms of passengers carried and the overall revenue earned. It was ranked No. 75 in the Fortune 500 list of largest American corporations in the year 2018. It offers airline service to about 300 destinations located in 60 different countries all over the world. 

Why choose Delta Airlines?

Delta airlines are considered to be the 6th oldest airline company in the world. This company has gained immense popularity for all the services offered. Delta airlines offer comfortable and luxurious services at affordable rates. People who generally travel on a regular basis receive a lot of benefits through Delta Airlines. 

Delta airlines brocade a wide range of services for their passenger so that the passengers can experience a comfortable trip without any problems or troubles. Some of the services include ticket reservations, cancellation of tickets, flight timings, refunds, baggage allowance, etc. However, there are certain rules, terms, and conditions which should be in the mind of the passengers in order to get a comfortable journey. The passengers can get cheaper flight rates and fewer baggage fees if all the rules are followed.

Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy:

The passengers should get to know the maximum delta baggage weight limit in order to enjoy a comfortable journey to the desired destination. If the baggage exceeds a particular limit, then an extra baggage charge or fee would be applied. This, in turn, would bring out an extra expense. 

Therefore it is always recommended to be aware of the delta airlines baggage weight limit and travel light with all the necessary baggage required only. Whether the travel is professional or personal, no problems or troubles regarding extra fees would arise if the rules are followed properly.  

Delta Airlines Baggage Weight Limit:

Delta Domestic Baggage Weight Limit:

It is important to know the baggage limit for domestic travel. On all domestic flights, passengers are allowed to carry one extra baggage or personal items like a small briefcase, purse, bag, etc. Generally, the weight limit for carry on baggage is not specified. However, the carry on baggage or personal items should fit into the size limit specified by the airline. The size limit is 24×14×9 inches per passenger.  But the passengers should plan their luggage before boarding the flight in order to avoid heavy penalties on extra baggage. 

The domestic travel is considered to be within the 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The baggage weight limit is 50 pounds per bag. Usually, delta airlines charge $25 for the first checked baggage and $35 for the second checked baggage.

Delta International Baggage Weight:

The rules for baggage weight limit vary for international flights. The international flight is considered to be from the United States or Canada to Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia or the Middle East. Delta airlines generally provide the first two baggage free of cost. However, the checked baggage allowance policy is different for different destinations. It is necessary for the passengers to check the entire baggage allowance list before boarding the flight. 

Baggage allowance fees also depend upon the class chosen for traveling. Usually, passengers of the Basic Economy, Main Cabin and Delta Comfort+ receive a lot of benefits. Passengers traveling in First Class, Delta Premium Select and Delta One get the first two checked bags free of cost. The weight limit can exist between 50 pounds to 70 pounds.  

Passengers who have earned a large number of sky miles are also exempted from various kinds of rules and regulations as they are considered to be regular flyers with delta airlines. The rules and regulations about baggage allowance have a lot of variations from route to route. It is important to verify the baggage allowance policy of each route well in advance.

Delta Airlines Extra Baggage and Excess Weight Fees:

The extra checked baggage fees on domestic and international flights are considered to be quite reasonable and affordable. In order to avoid an extra baggage fee, it is important to go through the baggage allowance policy of Delta Airlines. If the passenger carries third checked baggage, that particular baggage is considered to be extra and a charge of about $150 is applied. 

In terms of the weight limit, baggage weight between 51 pounds to 70 bounds is considered to be extra weight and a charge of about $100 is applied per baggage. Baggage weights between 71 pounds to 100 pounds are considered to be overweight baggage. A charge of about $200 per baggage is applied on such heavy loads. If all the checked baggage is overweight and oversize, the combined baggage fee can go up to $450 per passenger. 

It is, therefore, necessary to carry only the important things which are required for your travel and leave out the unnecessary things behind. Delta Airlines also provides a free app which is a great help for the passengers in order to keep track of the checked baggage. The number of baggage fees might differ slightly or largely in both domestic and international flights. The extra baggage fees also depend upon the source destination and the final destination of the travel. 

As mentioned earlier, passengers who travel regularly, and also those who have Skype miles might be exempted from the extra baggage fees. In order to be on the safer side, it is recommended to travel light and plan your luggage well in advance before starting your journey in order to have a comfortable and hassle-free flight.

Tips to avoid extra baggage fee

When you travel by air, it is necessary to know all the rules and regulations of the airline well in advance before your journey. The checked baggage weight limit delta is one of the important aspects which should be known before starting the journey. It is advised to carry baggage only within the weight limit and not beyond that as an extra baggage fee would then be applicable. Given below are some of the tips which can be considered in order to avoid an extra baggage fee and enjoy a comfortable flight. 

  • Travel light. It is necessary to carry only important items so that your travel can be made much easier and comfortable.
  • It is suggested that the passengers should not pack heavy or bulky items which are unnecessary.
  • The passengers should not pack unnecessary extra clothes as well. 
  • The passengers should plan their luggage well before starting the packing.
  • The passengers should make sure to pack fewer items while traveling.
  • If travelling in a group, if a passenger has extra baggage, then the baggage can be distributed among all the members of the group.
  • If the passengers have extra baggage which cannot be omitted or avoided, then an extra baggage fee would be applied. 
  • Of the passenger knows that he or she has to carry extra baggage, then the extra baggage fee should be paid online well in advance before boarding the flight.
  • If the baggage fee is paid well in advance, a lot of problems and troubles can be avoided during boarding.

The above-mentioned tips are proved to be helpful for thousands of passengers who want to get rid of the extra baggage fees. It is recommended to take up all the trips for a stress-free comfortable journey. The passengers can book their tickets online or through dialing the Delta Airlines Reservations Customer Service Number. It is very simple to avail of all the services and gets all the information regarding your flight tickets reservations, cancellations, refunds, sky miles, etc. 

Delta Airlines has a dedicated team of experts and professionals to help passengers with all kinds of issues and queries. Delta Airlines as long has many customers care contact numbers through which the passengers can get in touch with them in order to resolve any issue. 

The passengers can feel free to dial Delta Airlines contact number in order to know the baggage allowance policy, status of flight bookings, flight timings and schedules, cancellations, refunds, etc. Delta Airlines does provide excellent customer care services in order to improve the customer experience. The passengers can also log on to the official websites to get detailed information about flight ticket reservations and bookings.

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