Delta Airlines International & Domestic Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines is one of the oldest commercial airlines in the US and is very popular among people. Delta Airlines has both domestic and international flights on various routes, so it is useful to be aware of their domestic and international baggage policies and rules. Before you finalize on booking with delta airlines, go through delta airlines baggage policy, to avoid incurring any additional expenses or charges that can be applied.

Delta Airlines Carry-on Baggage rules and policy

In Delta Airlines there are some rules and specifications regarding the baggage you can carry on board in the flight. Delta carry-on baggage policy says that a customer can carry one personal item or belonging and one bag with himself or herself on a flight, free of charge. It has to be kept in mind that this carry-on baggage must not exceed their size limitations. Each carry on item or bag must be of an appropriate size which can easily fit into the overhead locker or it can be also stored in the section which is present right in front of the seat of the passenger.

Restrictions based on size carry-on baggage? 

Each personal item or bag must measure not more than 45 inches in length when combined together, meaning its width + height + length. This combined linear length limit includes all kinds of wheels, or handles, and so on. Note that there is an exception for this rule for musical instruments that are small in size, but only if they are adequately small (i.e. only if they fit well in the space overhead or in front of the passenger seat).

In addition to that, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) regulations, each personal item or bag should be within the dimensions of 22 inches/14 inches/9 inches. The ticket counters at Delta Airlines display the size checking templates all the time so examine and make sure that your carry-on baggage does not go beyond the restricted measurements. 

However, Delta Connection flights, which have no more than 50 seats, a passenger can only carry one personal item as carry-on, as the overhead space is limited. Whatever personal item you are carrying must fit into the space under the seat. Anything that is larger, will be given a pink Gate Claim or Planeside tag and kept in the cargo. Once the flight lands, you will get them back.

Also, it may happen that once everyone has boarded a particular Delta flight, it is found that the onboard storage capacity has been crossed, or the expected number of passengers has been exceeded. In that case, the flight personnel or gate personnel might need to restrict the amount of carry-on baggage further. However, these are special cases and exceptions to the general delta carry-on baggage policy of one personal item and one bag per person as a carry-on for free.

What are the weight restrictions for carry-on baggage?

As such, no particular weight restrictions for carry-on baggage on Delta flights have been imposed. However, if you are traveling to or from these three places- Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, you need to keep in mind certain maximum weight limits for carry-on baggage, as follows:

  • Singapore (SIN) – At Singapore International Airport, the maximum carry on weight limit is 15 pounds (or 7 kilograms).
  • Beijing (PEK) – At Beijing International Airport, the maximum weight limit for carry-on baggage (handbags) on domestic flights (i.e. within China) is 10 kilograms, according to the mandate of the CAAC [Civil Aviation Administration of China]. In the case of international flights, however, the general individual carry on the rule will be applicable.
  • Shanghai (PVG)-At Pudong Airport the maximum weight limit for carry-on baggage is 22 pounds (or 10 kilograms).

What items are approved as carry on?

Personal items which you are allowed to carry onboard include a purse, a briefcase, a handbag, etc. (keep in mind that it should not exceed size limits). Camera bags and diaper bags are also allowed. You can also afford to carry laptops since computers cannot be brought as checked baggage. Basically, you can bring any item which has a size similar to the ones just mentioned (or smaller) as long as it is within the stipulated size restrictions and will fit into the overhead space or into the space underneath seats.

Additionally, there are certain items which you can carry with yourself on the flight and these will not be considered as personal items (meaning that you can carry these extra items for free): jackets, umbrellas, any food/drink you have bought (after going past the security), duty-free merchandise items, strollers, child-restraint seats, crutches and other assistive devices, and a few more special items.

Carrying musical instruments:

You are allowed to carry musical instruments as long as they are small enough to fit into the overhead space or underneath the seat in front of you. In case your instrument is so fragile that you can’t bring it as checked baggage and so large that you cannot carry it as a carry-on item, you have to buy a seat next to you and put the instrument on it. Make sure that in such a case, the weight of your musical instrument is not greater than 165 pounds.

Bringing pets:

You can bring pets like dogs, cats and sometimes even birds (birds are allowed only on US domestic flights) onboard. Make sure to keep your pet in a comfortable carrier, which will be considered as a carry on item and therefore should fit in the space underneath the seat. You have to pay a certain fee for bringing pets. For the majority of the domestic routes within the US and flights to and from Canada, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, the fee is $125. On other international flights, it is generally $200 (except between the US to Brazil: it is $75).

However, partner airlines of Delta such as Sky-team may have a different set of rules and restrictions, so make sure to check those as well by visiting the official website of Delta Airlines.

Delta rules for checked baggage

Apart from carry-on baggage, there are rules and restrictions for Delta checked (or hold) baggage as well.

The standard number of bags allowed for checked baggage is 2, per passenger, for free. This can be extended to up to 10 bags at the most. On Delta Connection flights, the maximum limit is 4 bags as checked baggage. From the third checked bag, you will be charged for excess luggage. Each checked baggage must measure not more than 62 inches in combined length, meaning its width + height + length. The maximum weight limit for each checked baggage is 50 pounds (or 23 kilograms).

If you exceed any of these limits (quantity, size, weight), you will have to pay fines separately for each category.

Fees might also be applicable for a checked bag, which is different for different cases.

Delta Domestic baggage policy

On domestic flights (within the United States or between the United States and Puerto Rico), the standard rate for checked baggage is $30 and for the second one, it is $40. For the third checked baggage, it is around $150 and for the fourth bag onwards, it is $200 for each bag. These fees are expected if you travel in economy fare, main cabin, or in Delta Comfort+ category.

If you travel in first class, Delta One, or Delta Premium Select, almost on every route you will be allowed two checked baggage for free (if each bag weighs no more than 70 lbs.).

Delta International Baggage Policy

Delta international baggage rules can differ quite a bit, depending upon the route you are traveling. Make sure to check what fees you will incur for your particular route or destination in case of international flights.

Delta international checked baggage fees are as follows:

1. between the United States and Canada:

  • First baggage- $30 
  • Second baggage- $50 

2. between the United States/Canada and Mexico:

  • First baggage- $30 
  • Second baggage- $55 

3. Between the United States/Canada and Ecuador/El Salvador/Panama City*:

  • First baggage- Free*
  • Second baggage- $40 

*For Basic Economy- $30

4. between the United States/Canada and Caribbean/Bermuda/Guyana/Central America /U.S Virgin Islands 

OR within Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean:

  • First baggage- $30 
  • Second baggage- $40 

5. between the United States/Canada/Mexico and Tahiti

OR between the United States/Caribbean/Central America/ Canada/South America/Mexico (not considering Brazil) and Israel 

OR between the North Africa/United States/Europe and Canada* 

OR between the Caribbean/Mexico/Central America/South America (not considering Brazil) and Europe/North America:

  • First baggage- Free*
  • Second baggage- $100 

*For Basic Economy- $60

6. between the United States/Canada/Mexico and Sudan/ Syria/Iraq/Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/ Uzbekistan

OR Between the Caribbean/Mexico/Central America/South America (not considering Brazil) and anywhere in the Middle East (not considering Israel):

  • First baggage- Free
  • Second baggage- $75

7. between Europe and India:

  • First baggage- Free
  • Second baggage- 75 Euros

8. between Japan and Guan/Saipan/Palau:

  • First baggage- Free
  • Second baggage- $40

For most of the rest of international travel routes such as – from the United States or Canada and vice versa, OR from the United States or Canada or Caribbean or Mexico or Central America and vice versa, and so on, the first two checked baggage is completely free (as long as they do not exceed the weight and size restrictions).

What You Need to Know About Delta Airlines’ Carry-on Policy

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