Delta Airlines International and Domestic Baggage Allowance

Air travel could be an enjoyable experience for travelers across the globe. International and domestic voyages replenish the soul and help individuals create their happiness in between all the chaos of the world. Amidst all the enjoyment, baggage requirements and packing can prove to be a tedious and tiring task. Baggage allowances and limitations vary from one airline to another and can be quite confusing to first – time travelers and even the airline staff.

Airlines often give passengers the option of online checking of extra luggage allowances before the date of departure. This could save tourists from the hassle of transferring and the payment for overweight baggage. It is important for customers to understand the functioning and mechanisms of their preferred airlines, in order to ensure a safe and peaceful journey.  

Baggage Allowances Delta

Listed below are a few items that are not allowed in the check-in the baggage of most airlines all over the world:

  • Flammable liquids, aerosols, match sticks, lighters and items that could be potentially blow up and risk the lives of the passengers on board are not allowed on board. 
  • Explosive materials and firearms are strictly prohibited in all aircraft.
  • Batteries and electronic items are also not permitted in a check – in baggage.
  • Chemicals such as bleach, spray paint, and fire- extinguishers 

The ever – changing rules and regulations imposed by various airlines could cause troubles to the unsuspecting aircraft passengers and could be disruptive to an otherwise good journey. The luggage is strictly monitored and necessary actions are taken by the authority and the management on the defaulters. We have put together the list of important information concerning check – in and carry – on luggage on delta airlines. 

Delta Airline Baggage Allowance: 

  • The sum of the total length, width, and breadth of the bag should not exceed 62 inches, which is 137 cm.
  • Delta airline allowance charges 30 US dollars for the first bag if it weighs under 23 kg (50 lbs) and 40 US dollars for the second baggage of the same weight. 
  • Passengers in the first – class can bring 2 bags, each under 32 kg (70 lbs) with no extra charges. 
  • Carry – on baggage should not exceed the limit of 45 inches (114 cm), which is the combined total of the length, width, and breadth of the bag. 
  • One personal item and one carry – on item is the allowed limit for the economy class passengers in Delta Airlines.
  • The cost of excess baggage varies from one region to another.
  • Overweight luggage can be expensive to the passengers and hence extensive care needs to be taken to ensure that only the required items are packed for the duration of the journey.  51 to 70 pounds (24 kg to 32 kg) would cost 100 US dollars per bag and 71 to 100 pounds (33 kg to 46 kg) would cost 200 US dollars for delta baggage allowance domestic.

Delta International Baggage Allowance: 

  • International travel account for larger price ranges in the baggage department in accordance with the demographic location of the destination. 
  • Travels to Europe and India allows for one free baggage, weighing under 50 lbs (23 kg) and would cost the travelers 75 euros for the second one. 
  • Japan and a few other Asian counties also allow one free baggage and the second one costs 40 US dollars, as long as it meets the specified weight requirements. 

Most airlines have their own baggage weight limitations and calculators that indicate to the customers about the same. These calculators are used in order to ensure that they pack accordingly, therein avoiding any extra charges or penalties. If the passenger desires to add a piece of extra baggage it is always a better option to complete the purchases beforehand rather than paying a hefty sum to buy a new one at the said airport. 

Several tourists opt to take connecting flights, those that stop at one airport and the passengers need to get tickets for another flight to their actual destinations, to tilt the airfare to their advantage This could, in fact, be a risky business as it involves the handling of the baggage by multiple airlines and hence more the chances of mishandling and misplacement. There is also the question of the varying rules and limitations of the second flight and could add to the baggage allowance. 

Delta international flight baggage allowance holds the air travelers responsible for the quantity of the possessed luggage and also takes the responsibility of ensuring the in time arrival of the checked – in luggage at the baggage claim counters. If the delivery time of the bags is more than 20 minutes, the customer is eligible to earn 2,500 miles as per the rules of delta airlines. In the case of misplacement or damage induced on the bags and suitcases, the aircraft authorities will compensate the owners appropriately. 

Here are some restrictions on what to keep and what not to keep in the carry – on baggage on a flight as per the Delta baggage allowance.

  • Liquids over 3.4 ounces (100 ml) are strictly restricted. Buy toiletries in travel sizes to fit the requirements of the airlines. Each region has different rules on the medications that one is allowed to take with them, hence it is extremely important to check up on that prior to the flight.
  • Sharp objects are not allowed inside an aircraft for safety purposes, as they could be used as weapons. Pockets knives and scissors should be kept in checked–in luggage to avoid problems during the scans. 
  • Sports types of equipment such as golf sticks, hockey sticks, cricket, and baseball bats and any other types of equipment containing wood, stick or pole are not permitted in the carry – on baggage. 
  • Work tools such as hammers, drills, and screwdrivers are not allowed inside an aircraft, as it could be potentially used as a weapon.
  • Fire on aircrafts are extremely dangerous and hence carrying lighters, match sticks and other explosive materials that could induce or start a fire are not allowed by any airline across the continents. 
  • Certain airlines also prohibit passengers from getting food on board, but some do not have such restrictions. 

Despite the difficulties of having to find affordable flights, they are the most practical and safe option for businessmen and people with limited time to reach their destinations. Listed below are some necessary tips that can save travelers from the hassle of having to pay extra due to the limitations imposed on the allowed baggage.

  • Pick airlines wisely and only after a certain amount of thorough research. Air networks, such as Delta Airlines, give passengers the liberty of carrying larger bags for a comparatively smaller amount. Therefore, it is much more preferred by frequent travelers and people who travel long distances.
  • Read the rules of the airline you wish to travel with very carefully, as they often have numerous rules and regulations that vary in accordance to the region of travel, currency rate and the time span of the trip.
  • Set up an electronic weighing machine at home, which can help in the proper packaging of all the required items and bags for the travel, while adhering to the baggage limitations of the particular airline you wish to travel with.
  • Distribute the heavier items into numerous bags, especially while traveling in large groups, so as to ensure that not even a single bag would exceed the maximum weight restrictions.
  • Invest in lighter bags and suitcases, ones that would not add much weight to the total allowed baggage limitations. This would enable passengers to carry a lot more of the necessary components required for their travel.
  • Shift the dense and heavier materials to the carry – on bags, and the chances of being penalized will drop significantly.
  • Consider wearing the bulkier fabrics like coats, jackets, and boots rather than putting it in the carry on or check-in baggage, as it would unnecessarily increase the weight of the bags.

The amenities offered by a particular airline varies based on the ticket and the class which is booked. Upgrading to business, first, or premium class from the economy could be very beneficial to the travelers. Delta business class baggage allowance extends to its passengers’ certain privileges regarding the limitations and regulations of the baggage department. It also enables the customers to avail offers such as extra legroom, priority boarding, lounge rooms, free baggage options, and much more. Spending a little extra to travel in luxury and to avoid extra charges due to overweight bags and other luggage might indeed be a sensible and practical solution.

Air travel, the quickest way to reach your destination and is an extremely convenient option for numerous people across the globe. Therefore, several air networks are designing systems that attract customers and is easy to steer and operate as per the desires of the passengers. Surveys play an important role in understanding the needs of the people and the implementation of such ideas helps organizations operate at their best.


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