Delta Airlines First Class

For ace amenities, leisure, and superior services, you won’t find anywhere other than Delta Airlines first class. You’ll experience Sky Priority service throughout your trip. In addition, there are other benefits that won’t stop either. Let’s understand all the amenities and service offered by Delta Airlines first-class flights – 

  • Once on board your flight, the flight attendant in the first-class will offer you a welcome drink before the flight takes off. The airline offers different levels of first-class service, each level offers different seating, baggage allowance, and amenities. The ace level of first-class amenities would be offered in Delta One. 
  • The first-class cabin from Delta One would be available only on long-haul international flights. Delta One suite includes a flat-bed seat, a dedicated flight attendant at your disposal, and a separate cabin for complete privacy.
  • Every first-class seat offers direct aisle access and each traveler receives a complimentary amenity kit that includes an earplug, eye shades, lip balm, sanitizer, body lotion, and other travel essentials that help you de-stress from the long flight duration.
  • Food selection in the first class offers five-star dining offers traditional, regional, and lighter menus. Delta Airlines flying first class also offers a stellar wine and alcoholic beverage menu that pairs perfectly with the restaurant quality served atop the skies. 

Delta Airlines First Class Seats

Delta Airlines First Class Seats

With the advent of several brand new Airbus A330-900 neo aircraft and Boeing 767-400 ER jets, there is the fragmentation of seating experience with Delta Airlines first class. Let’s dive a little deeper – 

Delta One Suites – Delta one became the king quality of seating experience offered on the first-class onboard. With the seating arranged in 1-2-1 configuration along with ample seat width, there’s a  sliding door found at each suite. They are available for booking on long-haul international flights.

Delta One on the Boeing 767-400 ER – Delta’s Boeing 767-400 ER got all the same amenities and features as its Airbus counterpart, except the sliding door. Passengers can expect ergonomically designed seats, mood-lighting interiors, entertainment systems, lavatories, and more.  

Reverse Herringbone – The next best seating option for first-class passengers is the reverse-herringbone seat that offers a 1-2-1 seat configuration which offers decent privacy, personal storage, and premium first-class amenities.  These first-class seats can be exclusively found on Delta’s Airbus A330-200 fleets, and operate on various international routes across Delta’s hubs. 

Thompson Vantage – Such kind of seating can be found on Boeing 767-300 ER aircraft and is the all-access first class as well as a business class product the airline offers. The seatings are very private and can be converted into a fully flatbed. Furthermore, the IFE screens are very large and offer the best entertainment compared to any other airline. The first-class comfort beds can be found on various international flights including destinations in North America and South America. 

Boeing 757 – Spread in 2-2 configuration, these first-class seats go fully flat, which comes with an in-flight entertainment screen, USB ports, and power outlets. The seats are more private and come with unlimited storage. Delta Airlines Boeing 757 first-class seats fly regularly between New York JFK and San Francisco (SFO) as well as some other longer domestic flights and even some more transatlantic flights to Europe.  

Delta Premium Select – Each first-class premium select seat comes with its own footrest, power port, adjustable headrest, and a large LED screen. These Delta Airlines A321 first-class seats are arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration, 2-3-2 configuration seating in Delta Airlines A380 first class, and 2-2-2 in Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300 first class. 

Delta Airlines First Class Baggage Allowance

Below is the summary of the first-class baggage allowance with Delta Airlines charged for domestic and international flights. The actual first class baggage allowance may vary with the travel route and the destination served under Delta hub. Here’s everything you need to know about the airline’s first-class baggage weight and size – 

Baggage categoryFeeMax WeightMax Size (L+W+H)
LugLess carry-onFree25lbs45”
First checked bagFree50lbs62″
Second checked bagFree50lbs62″
Third checked bag30 USD50lbs62″
Fourth(+) checked bag40 USD50lbs62″
LugLess checked bag$20-$4550lbs63″-80″
Overweight bag100 USD for the first bag51-70lbs62″
Overweight bag200 USD for the second bag71-100lbs62″
Oversized bag200 USD for the second bag50lbs63″-80″
LugLess oversized bag$28-$5575lbs63″-80″

How To Make Delta Airlines First Class Booking?

You can use any online and offline channel in order to book your next trip flying in the First Class cabin. Let’s understand how you can purchase the Delta Airlines booking for first class – 

Delta Airline First Class Ticket Online

Here are the step for booking Delta Airline First Class service online – 

  • Visit, and select the trip type as ‘First Class’
  • Choose an option from Round-trip, One-way, or Multi-city. Enter the travel date and the number of passengers.
  • Click on ‘proceed’ to redirect to the next page where you get Delta Airline First Class options displayed. 
  • Choose from the available option, and click on the ‘Continue’ button to redirect to the passengers’ information page.
  • Enter the first name, last name, date of birth, and age of the travelers. Please ensure that the personal information of the passenger must be exactly as it appears on the government-issued photo-ID. Click on the ‘confirm my flight’ button to proceed to the patent page.
  • Enter your debit or credit card information in order to pay for your Delta Airline First Class ticket. Click on ‘Complete my booking’ to finish the process.
  • At the checkout page, you will receive a six-digit record locator of your flight. Check your registered email as you will receive your e-ticket number along with the flight confirmation details.

Delta Airline First Class Ticket Booking Over The Phone

You can also book your First Class reservation over the phone by calling us on the Delta Airlines reservation phone number at +1-844-659-1345. One of our agents will help you book your next first-class travel with Delta Airlines keeping in mind your travel preference. Not only our Delta Airlines representative will book your flight but also help you with seat and schedule preference, adding baggage, as well as complete the online check-in process on your behalf. You can pay for your flight via debit/credit cards over the phone. Here are certain benefits to booking your Delta Airline First Class Tickets over the phone – 

  • Discounted price compared to the Delta Airline First Class price listed online
  • Free seat selection based on the passenger’s preferences
  • Adding meal option, and other special services needed by the travelers
  • Booking your Delta Airline First Class lounge access, valet parking, free airport transfers, and all the other amenities that you will get with your booking.
  • Complete your online check-in, and much more.

Delta Airlines Business Class vs First Class  

The comparison depends on the passenger’s choice with regards to price, seating, food, amenities, and more. In this post, we have broker each category in business class vs first class so you can make the best decision when you upgrade your class pr purchase any premium class with Delta Airlines – 

Pricing – No doubt, the first-class fares are higher than its business class counterpart. Generally, first-class benefits are quality and are regarded as the premier cabin. For instance, first-class domestic travel costs 1500 USD compared to business class which would be around 1000 USD. 

Baggage – The checked baggage fee with any premium class with Delta Airlines is included with the ticket cost. Baggage allowance for first-class passengers included two checked baggage. Business-class passengers also get the same benefits in terms of baggage as the first class cabin. 

Seating – Delta Airlines first-class seating are obviously more luxurious and comfortable than the business class. Delta Airline first-class seat size and configuration offers maximum privacy as they allow passengers plenty of room to spread out. 

Food and beverages – Dining in the first-class is a fine experience in the clouds. The first class would be served by the chef who crafts the menu to offer a taste from all across the world. The first-class passengers have access to the bar where they would be having an access to unlimited alcoholic beverages. Comparatively, business class do offer complimentary drinks but do come with some limitations

Lounge access – This would be complementary to both business and first-class passengers. However, passengers may experience quality in hospitality as they would be having a separate section for the airline’s first-class lounge access. 

Boarding priority – The first-class passengers have the baggage, boarding, and fast-lane security priority, followed by those with Delta’s elite status, and then military personnel.  Business Class passengers will follow the trail after the military personnel. At the time of disembarkment, the first-class passengers get off first, followed by business and then economy class. 

Amenities  –  This is the important factor that differentiates between the first class and the business class. When comparing the first class with the business, passengers get access to various amenities before even they board the flight.  For instance, first-class passengers get access to valet parking, airport transfers, curbside baggage pickup, priority security check, and concierge check-in. Business-class passengers do not get the same perks and lack the customization of services provided on board.

Delta Airlines First Class Meal Selection

Passengers can enjoy seasonal and upgraded food and beverages with Delta Airlines first class. However, they vary based on the duration and the distance of the flight, passengers will enjoy complimentary Starbucks coffee, wine, beer, and spirits. Let’s understand the first-class meal selection for short, medium, and long-haul flights – 

Short-haul flights – passengers can find savory and healthy snacks on first-class flights under 900 miles. In addition, passengers can enjoy complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and a variety of snacks to choose from. 

Medium-haul flights – On flights ranging from 900 and 1400 miles, passengers can enjoy fully-fledged chef-curated meals. The breakfast and lunch serve on flights from 5 AM to 1.30 PM, dinner for departures from 4 PM to 8 PM, and a selection of snacks.

Long-haul flights – For the flight distance above 1500 Km, passengers can experience a fresh, full-service meal -featuring a variety of healthy and local options as part of the meal. The meal service in the first-class comprises a variety of selections to choose from. 

Delta Airlines Upgrade to First Class with Miles

As a Sky Member, you can upgrade your trip to Delta Airlines first class with the help of miles. Here’s how – 

Upgrade with miles while you’re booking – You can fly comfortably with an upgrade to the first class for nearly all Delta flights. While traveling within the United States and Canada,  it is easy to use miles to upgrade during the booking process. Here’s how – 

  • Login to, and select your flight itinerary. 
  • If your reservation is eligible, you’ll see the option of  ‘Delta Airlines first class upgrade with miles’ in your Trip Summary before you complete the purchase.
  • Once selected, use miles to upgrade all your passengers in your reservation.

Upgrade with miles after booking – if you’ve already purchased the flight, you can also use your miles balance to upgrade your trip to the first class on your own via or Delta Airlines booking app. Here’s how – 

  • Login to, and go to the My Trips section
  • Enter your six-digit booking reference or 13-digit ticket number along with the last name of the passenger.
  • If the upgrade is available, you will see the option that says, ‘’Delta Airlines first class seat selection’ for money or miles. 
  • Pick an available seat in the seat and complete your purchase. 

Delta Airlines First Class – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to book Delta Airlines first-class flights online?

Here’s how you can book Delta Airlines first class flight online –

• Visit and enter the flight destination, travel dates, and the class of service as ‘First Class’
• On the next page, select the flight itinerary as per your choice.
• You can also book a first-class cabin with miles. If your reservation is eligible, you’ll see the option of a first-class upgrade with miles’ in your Trip Summary before you complete the purchase.
• Pick an available seat in the seat and complete your purchase.

How much is the first class on Delta Airlines?

The first-class fare depends on the routes, duration, and distance of the flights. For instance, Delta Airlines first class in domestic travel costs 1500 USD compared to business class which would be around 1000 USD.

How to get upgraded to first class on Delta Airlines?

You can get your flight upgraded after the booking. Here’s how –

• Login to, and go to the My Trips section
• Enter your six-digit booking reference or 13-digit ticket number along with the last name of the passenger.
• If the upgrade is available, you will see the option that says, ‘’Delta Airlines first class seat selection’ for money or miles.
• Pick an available seat and complete your purchase.

Is there a baggage fee for Delta Airlines first class?

There are no Delta Airlines baggage fees for first-class, as the first and second checked bags are complementary and are included in the ticket price. For the additional third and fourth baggage, passengers need to pay a baggage fee of 30 USD and 40 USD respectively.

If I purchase Basic Economy, would I be eligible for the first class upgrade with Delta Airlines?

Unfortunately, a ticket purchased in Delta’s Basic Economy is not eligible for any type of upgrade, regardless of any Delta status you own. Basic Economy fares are heavily discounted and do not allow advance seat selection, exchange, cancellation, priority boarding, and all other amenities.

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