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Delta airlines are one of the top airline companies in the world. It has made its name and has earned this reputation by providing years of great service and wonderful flying experience to the customers. The on-flight facilities of Delta airlines are at par with the industrial benchmark for comfort and safety. Delta airlines have become a reliable choice for the majority of travelers.

Apart from just traveling to the destination, Delta airlines also provide the customers with vacation packages. These packages include everything from traveling to accommodation to exploration and dining.

Delta Baggage Claim Number

For Delta Airlines, passengers are a top priority. Hence in events of unforeseen delay in flights or any inconvenience during baggage claim, etc., the airlines has specific policies which can help the customers to fulfill their requirements.  

Delta Airlines Baggage policy

The passengers who wish to book their tickets with Delta airlines must know the delta airlines baggage policies. There is very strict instruction that every traveler has to follow. If the baggage criteria of the passengers do not meet with the policies, then they may have to pay some additional fees to carry their luggage.

The baggage policy for delta airlines are:

  • One personal item and one carry on item can be carried by the passenger. No additional fee will be applied to this condition.
  • Checked baggage has to be paid for per baggage. The amount increases with the number of baggage checked.
  • Baggage that falls under overweight or oversize category will be charged and the fees will depend upon the size and weight of the respective baggage.
  • Certain sports goods are applicable for additional charges depending upon the allowance from country to country.
  • The dimensions for carry-on luggage are 56*36*23 centimeters respectively.
  • The dimension for checked luggage is a perimeter of 157 centimeters and the maximum allowed weight is 23 kilograms.
  • The standard amount of bags that can be checked – 2 bags.

Delta Baggage Claim +1-855-915-0936

When the passenger arrives at the destination airport, they must go to the baggage reclaiming area or baggage receiving area (in some places). There they must look for a baggage carousel. The baggage carousel is the machine that is used to deliver the passenger’s luggage from the flight. 

Sometimes people are in a hurry to leave the airport to save some time and reach their destination early. But the baggage claiming process can consume a lot of the time. The passenger has to wait till all of their luggage has arrived on the carousel. To save this time and make sure that your baggage comes first, the following hacks can be adopted by the passengers.

  • Getting a fragile sticker on the bag: The luggage which has a fragile sticker on it is loaded in the end during the departure. Hence at arrival that luggage will be unloaded first and will reach the carousel quicker.
  • Be the last one to board the flight – This is a little bit risky tip but it works fine for sure. Being the last person to board your baggage will be checked and loaded in the end and while unloading it will be first and hence it will appear first on the carousel.

There are some ethical ways of getting your bags first. Like traveling in business class, since the business class passengers are the first ones to leave the aircraft, their luggage is also placed first on the carousel. Another way is by joining the frequent flyer club of the airlines and get a priority batch on your luggage. This is a guaranteed method by which the passenger can ensure their luggage reaches first.

During the process of baggage claiming, if a traveler is facing any problems like delay in receiving their baggage or damage caused on the baggage, the Delta airlines baggage claim services are there to help. The Delta baggage claim works in a very simple manner to, begin the baggage claiming process, follow the given steps:

  • Inform the Delta airlines representatives
  • Collect the file reference number
  • Begin with the baggage claiming process.

If the traveler has checked baggage that is paid for by the traveler, then they are eligible for a baggage fee rebate. If these customers do not receive their baggage within the first 12 hours of requesting, they are granted ETVC’s. ETVC is an electronic traveling voucher that is equivalent to the amount applicable to the checked baggage. Delta baggage claim provides rebates via emails. The customer must apply online on their website to request a rebate only then their requests will be processed.

Delta airlines also provide its customers with the baggage tracking option. By using this feature the passengers can keep a track of their baggage. They can also see the real-time position of their luggage and find out the reason for the delay. To track your baggage follow this set of instructions on our smartphone device.

  • Download the Fly Delta app from Google play store or Apple app store
  • Create a Delayed Baggage Report.
  • Select the “Track My Bags” option
  • Provide your bag tag and your last name
  • Then review your baggage details and create a report.

Delta Baggage Claim Number +1-855-915-0936

To seek help during the claiming process or to report delayed/missing baggage, they can contact the delta representatives by using their toll-free number 1-800-325-8224 or 1-404-209-3043.

Some passengers do not like to interact with the bot when they call any customer service number. Or due to some complication in the situation of the passenger that the bot cannot comprehend. In such cases, the customers would prefer to talk to a human representative who can understand their situation and suggest the next step accordingly. To avoid the bot and talk to a human representative, the customer must follow these instructions.

The number which the passengers can contact is 800-325-8224. This number is toll-free in nature can is available 24*7. Initially, a pre-recorded message or a voice bot answers the call. After finalizing the query and the source of the issue, your call can then be transferred to a human representative. Effective solutions related to baggage delays, baggage allowance policies, damage experienced by the baggage and misplacement of personal items can be registered by calling on this delta baggage claim phone number.

The call will be shifted to a human customer care personnel after the passenger presses the keypad for “Zero” on their mobile devices. It is also to be noted then when asked about Delta sky miles number by the bot, the passenger is to reply with “I do not have it.” After the completion of this procedure, a customer care representative will then deal with the respective situation.

The customer service representative will ask for the tracking number that was provided to the customer while filing their complaint at the baggage claim service center. If the event occurred after leaving from the airport, then the customer must notify the representative about it. Only when the customer has provided their reference number, the representative will be able to give any update.

Delta Airline Damaged Baggage Claim

If the passengers identifies any damage on their baggage while claiming the same in the airport, they can either seek reimbursement or repair from the airlines. However, there is a definite criterion for Delta airline damaged baggage claim. The baggage is thoroughly reviewed by the representatives. If the baggage has issues like scratches, stitch pulls, zip breaks, etc. then the airlines are not responsible for the damage claim since these are signs of casual wearing off and over packing.

Get a refund for the damage caused. They can contact the TSA by this contact number 1-866-289-9673

In case of damage caused by Delta airlines, the airlines provide repairing services for the baggage. This baggage repair is controlled by a partner company called The entire repairing process can be easily tracked and monitored by visiting the official website of Delta Airlines.

When the baggage is dropped off at the departure airport, it undergoes a significant amount of checking to ensure no malpractices are conducted during the journey. One of the several security measures taken by the airport security and transportation security association (TSA) is surprise checks. The authorities are permitted to check the baggage that has to be loaded at random. The passengers whose luggage is checked by the authority are informed about the checks by putting a note in the baggage or by placing a seal on the baggage. Sometimes these random checks can lead to unintended damage in the baggage. In such cases, the passenger should contact the TSA and perform the necessary actions to

Delta Airlines Customer service contact details.

Delta Airlines provides excellent baggage customer service with active centers. The toll-free customer service number is 1-800-325-8224 and 1-404-209-3043.

Delta airlines even provide mail services for baggage related issues. Customers can mail their queries and also receive updates regarding their luggage tracking and repair reports. Effective solutions can also be availed by visiting the official website of Delta Airlines which helped passengers all around the world with baggage queries.

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