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Delta Airlines is one of the largest global airlines and a popular choice for customers all around the world. Delta airlines offers various types of services including the Delta SkyMiles loyalty program. For booking your SkyMiles reservations or enquiring about existing SkyMiles reservations, call delta SkyMiles reservations at +1-855-915-0936.

Often while booking a flight, customers have a lot of questions and doubts. To help with that, Delta SkyMiles has a very cordial and customer-friendly customer service where you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call and contact the professionals over at Delta Airlines by dialing in the number +1-855-915-0936. 

Call Delta Skymiles Reservations +1-855-915-0936

If you have doubts or any discrepancies in your SkyMiles account, and you are facing any problems while booking your flight, immediately call delta SkyMiles reservations and the staff will help you out with your respective query. For example, there might be missing points or problems in redeeming those points earned. There might be baggage issues or difficulty in transferring your SkyMiles points. Or maybe simply you need to enquire about what you can use your SkyMiles points for. You might also need to enquire about changing your SkyMiles flight. In any case, you can call the given number to clear all your doubts and also to book reservations for your flight as well. 

If you wish to have a basic idea about the Delta SkyMiles program before calling the customer service, here is a brief overview. You can either go through this or directly call the customer care to address your inquiry or problems. After going through this overview you might have additional doubts as well, which you can clear by calling the 24 x 7 SkyMiles Reservations Customer Service.

What is the Delta SkyMiles?

Delta SkyMiles is a loyalty program offered by Delta Airlines. In this program, with every trip purchased with Delta Airlines, the customer earns miles, that is, the customer will be able to travel those miles for free later at Delta Airlines Flights or Delta Package Vacations. In addition, with SkyMiles the customer can be eligible for rewards upgrades such as private Delta jet travel, premium drinks at Delta Sky Club, and so on.

A customer can earn miles at Delta SkyMiles in various ways such as earn on flights and travel, earn using a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. There are also Delta SkyMiles partners and offers which can be explored to earn miles.

Joining Delta SkyMiles is free. Corporations and/or entities are not eligible to be enrolled as Members. Membership numbers cannot be transferred. One SkyMiles account can cater to only one person. Maintaining multiple SkyMiles account by one person is not allowed.

After joining, you will get a SkyMiles number. When you want to book a flight, go to the Delta official website or call delta airlines SkyMiles at +1-855-915-0936, and keep your SkyMiles number handy and enter it while booking the flight.

Earning SkyMiles

On Delta flights, for every $1 spent on the ticket, the passenger will earn 5 miles. On partner flights in for some flights with exceptional fares, the passenger will earn miles differently. When the customer attains Medallion Status, he or she will earn up to 11 miles for each $1 spent. All these miles will be earned by the Skylines Member who is flying, i.e. whose name and number has been used on the ticket, irrespective of who bought the flight ticket.

In all these cases, ticket price that is eligible to earn miles will include the base fare and carrier surcharges, and exclude government taxes and fees.

A customer can also earn miles by buying using Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express. On Delta purchases with SkyMiles Credit Card, the customer will earn 2 miles for every $1 spent, and on other eligible everyday purchases with this credit card, the customer will earn 1 mile per $1 spent. There is no maximum limit on the number of miles earned.

There is also another way to earn miles that is shopping with various partners of Delta Airlines, using SkyMiles, such as Lyft, Airbnb, hotel brands including Marriott, Westin, etc. and many, many other brands. For further information, call delta SkyMiles to see if your purchase is eligible for earning miles.

Miles earned using the Delta SkyMiles program will be credited to the customer’s account within eight weeks after the qualifying earning activity takes place, unless the individual partner’s terms and conditions state differently.

The miles earned has no expiry date as such on Delta-operated flights, that is, there are no blackout dates. However, on partner flights, blackout dates may be applicable.

Using miles

The miles that the customer earns using SkyMiles can be used to travel to more than one thousand different places, and this is known as ‘Award Travel’. To book Award Travel, you can call Delta SkyMiles customer service.

Not only this, but the miles earnt can also be used for buying premium drinks at Delta Sky Club, or be used to travel with Delta Private Jets. These miles can also be used to upgrade seats, get Delta Sky Club memberships, enjoy exclusive experiences such as meet and greet with a celebrity, and many other rewards:

  • The travel experience can be elevated and the customer can enjoy a better travel experience with a seat upgrade with miles or by using miles to become a member of Delta Sky Club.
  • The miles earned can be used to explore the world by traveling to more than 1000 destinations. The customer can use miles to book an Award Travel or a vacation package with Delta Vacations.
  • These miles can also be used in a unique way, to enjoy exclusive SkyMiles Experiences. Miles can be used to bid on experiencing exclusive opportunities which money cannot always buy, such as acquiring VIP passes to the backstage of big events, getting a meet-and-greet opportunity with a celebrity, and so on.
  • There is also a provision for Delta Gift Cards, where the earned miles can be used to give the Gift of Go. There are more than 300 destinations where one can travel using this gift card and there are so many possibilities.
  • In the SkyMiles Marketplace, SkyMiles Credit Card Members and Medallion Members are eligible to use miles to purchase merchandise, spend them on travel, and more options. All SkyMiles Members are also eligible to redeem miles for Delta Gift Cards.
  • Using earned miles, customers can purchase more miles, give them to someone as a gift or donate it for charity through SkyWish.
  • SkyMiles Members can also access their favorite magazines on flights and remain updated about the latest things in various fields, using their earned miles.

Thus these earned miles are quite flexible and the customers can also book Award Travel for themselves or someone else, even if the customer himself or herself is not flying with them. Additionally, more miles can be bought or can be transferred or donated for a cause.

  • More miles can be bought to boost balance
  • Gift of travel – customers can gift miles to others for travel
  • Miles can be transferred to family, friends, and loved ones
  • Miles can also be donated to a charitable cause that the Member is passionate about

Medallion Status

After joining SkyMiles and traveling, the Member will start to earn miles and will also start to earn towards Medallion Status. There are three types of things a Member can earn by flying with Delta Airlines and other partners- Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs), Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs), and Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs). A Member can keep track of how much miles/segments/dollars he or she is earning, and how close he or she is to attain the next Medallion Tier. To track all these things, go to the My SkyMiles section on the Delta website or call Delta Airlines customer service at +1-855-915-0936.

With Medallion Status, you have opportunities to fly more comfortably, move to the front of the line, enjoy waived fees, and other elite benefits that only Delta offers.

Medallion Members are the most loyal customers of Delta and are eligible for a lot of privileges. They have the opportunity for more comfortable air travel, they do not have to wait in a line and move towards the front instead, get their fees waived, and other elite privileges from Delta. 

Customers can keep track of everything they earn (from earning miles on purchases every day to attain Medallion Status) and stay updated with the latest offers and program changes and improvements. To keep abreast of all the latest information, opt for receiving emails and notifications from Delta SkyMiles in your My Profile section. Alternately you can always call the customer service to stay up-to-date or clear any kinds of queries.

If you are a SkyMiles Member already and want to book your flight or you want to inquire further about SkyMiles, dial +1-855-915-0936 to have a conversation with the customer care service to book reservations or to clear all your doubts and problems. Delta Airlines has been providing satisfaction to customers for decades and you too shall be served with the utmost care.

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I used my Skymiles to book a flight for the summer. It was cancelled and my family was put on another flight we could not travel on due to the times. I tried to change the times but accidentally cancelled it. Now, I have to wait 10 business days for the Skymiles to be credited back to my account!!! I would like those miles to restored ASAP because those flights might get booked!! Delta Skymiles# 9008040165 Thank you, Cedric Lee